Author Inez Vasquez

Ms. Inez Vasquez felt called to the profession of massage after personal and life changing
experiences. She graduated Fremont College in 2008 with honors. While attending Fremont
College, she was also awarded an Associate in Sports Therapy.
Upon graduation, she began to work in a chiropractic office. She felt that her place was in the
area of assisting people recover their health. While the spa environment is certainly somewhere
that many therapists chose to work, Ms. Vasquez felt called to the area of massage care that
involved working with the more acute need person.

In 2009 she sought and was awarded instructor status in Russian Kettlebell training. The award
is known of as HKC.

In 2010 she began her own practice of massage, along with a chiropractor, in the city of
Whittier, CA. She serves people on a daily basis there.

That same year, and in the ongoing effort to further her education, she became certified in pre
and peri natal massage therapy and was awarded national certification in massage therapy by
the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers.

There has always been an attraction to helping people for Ms. Vasquez, sharing information and
the ease that touch brings are wonderful ways for Ms. Vasquez to give to others.