Have a Worry-Free Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, restorative, fun, and free from worry – but many times they come with stresses and accidents that can put a damper on things. Here are some tips to help you leave worry behind on your time away.

Ensuring a safe vacation starts before you even leave the house, by leaving your home in good order. If you have a home alarm system and don’t plan to have anyone stop by to water the plants or feed pets, let the company know you’ll be out of town so that any entrance to the house causes them to immediately send the police. If you don’t have an alarm system, ask a friend or neighbor to check on things periodically, even if that just means picking up the mail, turning on the porch light at night, or putting the trash cans out.

In the age of social media, it’s tempting to share all of your exciting plans, but when going out of town its best to keep some information to yourself: don’t share that you’re leaving town or how long you’ll be gone – wait until you get home to post all of your beautiful pictures. You don’t want too many people to know that your house will be empty for a while.

You may want to clean out your wallet before you leave, paring it down to a couple of credit cards (make sure to notify the companies of your travel so they don’t block usage) and an ID. Keep wallets and purses close to your body at all times, preferably in a front pocket for wallets and under your shoulder for purses – pickpockets are sneaky and very fast. Valuable things you wouldn’t want to lose, such as expensive jewelry or personal mementos, are best left at home in a safe place; if you do bring them with you on a plane, carry them on rather than checking them, and do the same with indispensable medication.

You may want to bring a small first-aid kit with you: bandages, antiseptic cream, and ibuprofen are probably enough to quickly fix a blistered foot or headache. Although local foods and alcoholic drinks are tempting and fun, make sure to drink enough water and eat some greens while you treat yourself – you’ll feel better and reduce your risk of dehydration and an upset stomach.



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