Chiropractic and Hypertension

I’m writing again about chiropractic care and hypertension. The topic was originally addressed in March of this year.  What caught my interest was something during a journal review. In mid-May, of this year, there was a research article published in the journal Epidemiology. The article reported that they had performed testing on 14,000 men and women between the ages of 24 and 32. Nearly 20% of the individuals were found to have high blood pressure.

From my article in March, I hope that you remember that chiropractic care has been found to be beneficial in restoring the normal function of the nerve system as it relates to the control and regulation of every function in the body- including blood pressure. It is important that the communication network between brain cell and tissue cell is without interference. If the blood pressure is too high there is some form of regulatory system in the body that is not functioning correctly.

Consider how life began, as to half cells – a sperm and an egg. When the sperm and egg unite, they form one cell – that one cell divides 2 – and that 2 divides to 4 – and so on until an entire living, breathing human being is made. One of the first early embryologic developments, that is discernible, is the central nervous system. In fact, most every organ in the body can be seen to “sprout” from its specific nerve as it finds its place of residence within the newly developing fetus. It is chiropractic’s position that the power that made the body already knows how to control and regulate all functions within the body. Freedom from subluxation, through proper spinal care, is of great benefit toward maintaining a healthy life.

Chiropractically, we recognize that there are a number of factors which play into health and the development of spinal subluxation. Broadly, they are classified as physical stresses, chemical stresses and emotional stresses. That being said, it’s clear to see that the environment will play a role in one’s overall health. If one continues to make poor food choices, does not get adequate rest or exercise, is poorly hydrated or is under a great deal of emotional stress, it will be impossible for the body to adequately adapt to all the stressors and eventually dis-ease will set in. If this condition, dis-ease, is allowed to persist long enough, then the inevitable development of a disease process well ensue.

Given this information, it is important that everybody be checked for proper spinal balance. Certainly, if we’re looking at nearly 20% of Americans between the ages of 24 and 32 as being hypertensive, then it stands to reason that at least 20% of everybody between the ages of 24 and 32 need to have their spine checked regularly for subluxation and its effects.

Why is this important? If you allow the blood pressure to remain elevated for a length of time, eventually the vascular system will begin to degenerate. This will increase one’s risk for conditions such as heart disease, heart attack or stroke. Just as is it it is as important to keep your car clean, keep the oil changed and make sure the fluid levels are good, it is important to maintain your body with at least as much care as you’d give your car.

I hope this information services as further motivation to go ahead get your blood pressure checked – get your spine checked – make better choices – resulting in a happy and healthy life.

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